Active Members

This page lists the current members of Acquiris, their role and membership type. Possible roles are terminal vendor (TV), Acquirer (ACQ), Acquiring Processor (AP) and other (OTH).
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OrganisationRole(s)Membership type
OrganisationRole(s)Membership type
Alpha Card Merchant Services (American Express) ACQ Principal member 
Bancontact OTH Observer 
BNP Paribas Fortis ACQ Principal Member 
BS PayOne GmbH ACQ Principal member 
BuyWay ACQ Principal member 
CCV Group B.V. TV, ACQ, AP Principal member 
Chess TV Associate member 
Dutch Payments Association (Betaalvereniging Nederland) OTH Observer 
Edenred ACQ Principal member 
Elavon Inc ACQ Principal member 
EquensWorldline SE AP Principal member 
Europabank NV ACQ Principal member 
European Merchant Services (EMS) BV ACQ Principal member 
European Payment Solution (owned by Monizze) ACQ Principal member 
Ingenico Payment Services ACQ, TV Principal Member 
IPS (International Payment Services) TV Associate Member 
Loyaltek AP, TV Principal member 
MasterCard Europe OTH Observer 
Monext AP Principal member 
Natixis ACQ Principal member 
N&TS TV Associate Member 
Payconiq ACQ Principal Member 
PayNation TV Associate member 
Payvision ACQ Principal member 
SEPAY TV Associate Member 
SIX Payment Services (Europe) AP, TV Principal member 
Sodexo ACQ Principal member 
Viva Payment Services SA ACQ, TV Principal Member 
Worldline NV/SA TV, ACQ, AP Principal member 
Showing 29 items