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Conformance with the EPC/CSG "Standardisation Volume"

posted 3 Oct 2014, 06:16 by Acquiris Secretariat   [ updated 3 Oct 2014, 06:16 ]
The EPC and Cards Stakeholders published the SEPA Cards Standardisation Volume v7.0 (reference EPC020-08) on 12 December 2013. 

Acquiris issues a voluntary conformance statement for the C-TAP specifications to clarify that implementations align with the SEPA Cards Standardisation Volume v7.0. In addition, these specifications offer functionality that matches with market requirements that have not yet been formulated in the “Volume”.

A document illustrates the conformance of the C-TAP specifications for POI connecting to acquiring host systems and the Acquiris role as “Specification provider” and “Certification Provider” with this “Volume”. 

The headlines are captured below with a statement on the principal books 2 to 5.