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The objectives of Acquiris are:
  • To centralise the ownership and licensing of the Intellectual Property Rights linked to terminal specifications in order to allow a controlled evolution in line with open governance principles. The commercial usage of the common specifications is subject to licensing by the Organisation; 
  • In line with the members’ requirements and market evolution, to maintain and extend these common specifications. This will involve the regular publications of extensions and modifications in line with a commonly agreed lifecycle model;
  • To make these specifications available to all authorised parties that require them in line with membership and licensing agreements;
  • To promote these common specifications for their implementation and usage, with a priority to the Single EURO Payment Area  (further referred to as SEPA);
  • To represent the interests of these common specifications with regulators;

In support of these objectives, the organisation will:
  • Organise and manage a functional certification framework to guarantee interoperability to all parties;
  • Perform a number of administrative tasks such as the collection and distribution of common parameters to drive the implementations of the common specifications;
  • Act as a cryptographic certification authority in support of these processes that require Public Key Infrastructure support.

In the interest of the members, the organisation can deploy all ways and means that will allow achieving the above objectives. The organisation can take all appropriate and required actions that are directly or indirectly necessitated to accomplish these objectives, partially or in total or that will facilitate these objectives to be achieved.