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General Assembly
The General Assembly groups principal and associate members and is the main decision body for the Organisation and is empowered to take all decisions required to meet the organisation’s objectives. The General Assembly mandates the Board of Directors to command the necessary actions to achieve these objectives. 

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is mandated by the General Assembly to engage all actions of financial, technical or administrative nature to support the Organisation’s operation in line with the decisions of the general assembly.

The organisation is operated on the basis of a secretariat in charge of the daily operations. This secretariat is managed by a Secretary General that will legally represent the Organisation. 
Specification Management Board
The Specification Management Board (SMB) consists out of representatives of the members and will:
  • Manage the evolution of specifications, propose and maintain a lifecycle management model for these common specifications, including:
    • Principles
    • Rules & liabilities
    • On the basis of requests coming from members seating in the General Assembly, analyse requests to extend or amend the common specifications
  • Perform a drafting of potential changes. In addition, this SMB will indicate to the General Assembly what would be the benefits for the implementation of such implementation.
  • Keep a global calender of planned or scheduled amendments or extensions and group these in a release plan.