Functions and services

For more details please refer to enclosed document below for your download.
Multiple configurations
  • Terminal with or without separate merchant unit  
  • Terminals without Pinpad (No cardholder validation) 
    • contact
    • magnetic stripe (magstripe)
    • contactless
  • Terminals in attended or unattended mode
Multiple Card entry modes
  • Manual Entry
  • Magstripe
  • EMV contact 
  • Contactless 
    • Multiple form factors (card, smartphone …)
    • EMV contactless
    • PayPass
    • PayWave
    • Expresspay
Card and cardholder verification
  • EMV SDA, DDA and CDA card authentication
  • No CVM, signature, local  PIN validation
  • Contactless on-device PIN
  • On-line PIN
Cardholder and merchant guidance
  • Multilingual – driven by card’s language (if available) and merchants language
  • Driven by the acquirer
Driven by common parameters and acquirers' business rules
  • Terminal management system load card recognition data and acquirers' connectivity data 
  • Acquirers customise the transaction flow and processing options parameters
  • Payment
  • Payment at Voice Referral
  • Cash Advance
  • Cash Advance at Voice Referral
  • Card Validity Check
  • Resubmission
  • Pre-Authorisation
  • Update Pre-authorisation
  • Payment completion
  • Refund
  • Deferred Payment (including transmission of fuel types and volumes)
  • Cancellation
  • Back-up mode (temporary local authorisation activated by merchant when connectivity with acquirers is lost)
  • Management functions: balances and financial counters
Additional Functions
  • Partial Approval
  • Product Selection
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
  • Extra amount
  • Shop / petrol products
  • Terminals with local authorisation capabilities
  • Token recognition to link e.g. pre-authorisation and payment completion
  • Merchant activated PIN entry bypass
  • No-CVM required limit
  • Cash-back
  • Site management
  • Application pre-selection
  • Additional Data (e.g. for petrol cards)
Acquiris Secretariat,
23 Dec 2015, 02:57